replaying the same level in a video game for the hundredth time


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Ducky’s PlayStation Vita favorites: Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time (2013)
The characters are enjoyable, the places are fun to explore, all the different playable characters (and costumes) offer you a new way of playing the game and the game itself is full of variety. The boss fights are very creative and challenging, and even the minigames are extraordinary. Bentley’s side scrolling game whenever he has to hack a computer? Consider me hooked. I’d say everyone who owns a Vita needs to have this one in the collection.


The Cast of Into the Nexus || Ratchet


*sees good art*
*gets excited*
*thinks I can art*
*tries to art*
*cant art*

Jak and Daxter 30 Day Challenge:

Day 13 → Who is your favorite citizen?

Does the sculptor count?.

Jak and Daxter 30 Day Challenge:
Day 10 → Do you believe Jak is the Mar?


I actually do not care at all.

Jak and Daxter 30 Day Challenge:

Day 9 → What is your favorite weapon?

*Sig voice* The good ol’ fashioned Peacemaker.

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